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I love sharing the recipes that I make and enjoy with my family, as well as the stories behind them.

I focus on family-style meals and desserts, and I love getting my two boys into the kitchen with me.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I find my emotions swinging wildly between ecstatic (my sister is coming! With nieces!! Michael’s family will be here! With oyster dressing! And rolls!!) and sad (it’s my first Thanksgiving without my mom). But mom feels like she is constantly with me over the past few days. I can…

Meatballs and Red Gravy

Next week, high school soccer kicks off — which means between high school and junior high, we will spend every night this week shivering in a stadium somewhere watching the boys play — and I love every single minute of it. Seriously! Teaching seniors reminds me yearly how fast these days go by. Plus, it…

Watermelon Salad

I love the Monroe Farmer’s Market. I realize that it’s ridiculously small by big city standards — usually just three stalls. But they stock the most delicious… well, everything. I buy perfect small red potatoes for potato salad and the best cantaloupes and watermelons. My favorite Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Peaches, fresh corn, blueberries, yellow squash……

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