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I love sharing the recipes that I make and enjoy with my family, as well as the stories behind them.

I focus on family-style meals and desserts, and I love getting my two boys into the kitchen with me.

Shortbread Hearts

You know who I don’t envy on Valentine’s Day? Elementary school teachers. All those sugared-up kids. Meddling class moms. Sliding cupcakes sent from home. Artistically-challenged nine-year-olds who can’t cut a paper heart to save their lives (why yes, that was me!). Kids who insist on writing in the “To” part of the Valentine, despite specificContinue reading “Shortbread Hearts”

Venison Roast

People say that kids change you, but at the beginning of this adventure, I thought I’d be the one that primarily did the molding. Instead, they have changed quite a few of my likes and dislikes over the years. I never knew how much I’d love soccer, until my kids loved it first. I lookContinue reading “Venison Roast”

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